The Blue Rock Ranch

Duchesne Utah




Nigerian Dwarf Goats           Fallow Deer       

Map to The Blue Rock Ranch

The Blue Rock Ranch is located in Duchesne Utah.  We pride ourselves in raising and breeding quality Missouri Fox Trotters.   We have worked hard to develop great bloodlines in both our stallions and our mares.  Conformation is exceptional.  Temperament is sweet and gentle.  Our horses are good around kids. 

We also raise miniature cattle.  We have a variety of different breeds.  They include Zebu, Jersey, British White Park, Longhorn, and more.  We AI all our cows with very small bulls to bring the smallest miniature cattle we can.  Watch our Sales Barn to see what we have for sale and to reserve your calf now.

Other animals raised on the ranch include Boer Goats, Nigerian Dwarf Goats, Llamas, Miniature horses, and miniature Donkeys.  Animals for sale can be viewed in the Sales barn.

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Alan:  435-733-0900 (call or text)
Clair:  435-733-0901 (calls only)
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